3-2-1 LEGAL VIDEO, INC. - Video Editing

Scales of Justice

Choose the skilled staff at 3-2-1 LEGAL VIDEO INC. of Chicago, Illinois to provide timely and accurate video editing. Our videographers are ready to spring into action upon receipt of the transcript.  Whether the DVD was created by 3-2-1 LEGAL VIDEO or another agency, we are able to capture and edit on demand.   We can also make minor editing changes on the fly at the time of trial. 

Please use a pin or pencil (not a marker or highlighter) to edit out any unwanted text.  Time stamping of the transcript is helpful, but not necessary.  PLEASE SUBMIT THE ENTIRE TRANSCRIPT, even though you may not have very many changes.  We will deliver the edited DVD to you in your office or in the courtroom. 



To receive affordable video recording and editing for courtroom use, contact our videographers today.